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Broadly Speaking is the original Norfolk Broads Forum. Having started life as Speakers Corner, the forum has seen people come and go, time has passed, but we are still here and the forum is getting a new lease of life!

Come and chat, discuss and even argue to your hearts content on the Original Norfolk Broads Forum.


Old Frank

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Old Frank joined the forum on the 16th o December 2004, and has posted 991 messages.

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Posted 23rd Feb '15 09:08 in Damn Marsupial

Any sign of that marsupial coming out to play - or… continued

Posted 21st Feb '15 09:45 in Cronyism

It seems that a long serving member of the Broads Authority, Dr. Murray Gray now occupies a DEFRA nominated seat on the authority. The good doctor chairs the Broads Authority's Planning Committee.… continued

Posted 16th Feb '15 21:19 in Cronyism

Strange how many of Blackbeard's mates seem to spend so long on the Broads Authority. Watch this… continued

Posted 16th Feb '15 21:16 in The BIG Notional Park Lie

... or perhaps it's better to sit on the side and just… continued

Posted 12th Feb '15 08:08 in The BIG Notional Park Lie

BumbleBee, I really don't care if Old Futtox doesn't like Blackbeard. However, I suggest you should look at the 'Notional Park' issue as part of something much wider. The Broads Authority isn't fit… continued
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