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peter waller

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peter waller joined the forum on the 13th o January 2005, and has posted 2337 messages.

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Posted 30th Jun '15 08:28 in Broads boat vs Sea boat

John, the flat bottom of a Caribbean/Bermuda would be liable to slamming at sea, bit alarming when it happens. Yards have built sailing boats purely for the Broads for generations, light hulls, big… continued

Posted 9th Feb '15 11:05 in The BIG Notional Park Lie


Posted 8th Feb '15 09:47 in The BIG Notional Park Lie

Not you, Batrabill, if that is so then I apologise.
Who else might it be? Any suggestions? Whoever it really is certainly has… continued

Posted 7th Feb '15 22:10 in The BIG Notional Park Lie

Well, we can all guess who Bumble Bee is! A very predictable rant.

By the way, Batrabill, I don't hate anyone, not even Black, or by now, Gray tinged with white Beard. However, I do love the… continued

Posted 7th Feb '15 20:19 in The BIG Notional Park Lie

Dear LordFuttock, job… continued
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