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Poppy joined the forum on the 13th o February 2005, and has posted 703 messages.

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Posted 8th Feb '15 11:19 in Poppy's jokes

I never went away really

An example of Positive Attitude.

Late in the night he regained consciousness...
He found himself in agonizing pain in the hospital's ICU with tubes up his

Posted 8th Feb '15 11:16 in The BIG Notional Park Lie

Don't often see bumble bees in… continued

Posted 21st May '13 20:23 in Poppy's Jokes

One night a nurse was making her rounds in a nursing home.

While walking down the hall, she came across an open door. She looked in and saw old Frank sitting up in bed pretending to drive.


Posted 5th Mar '13 17:07 in Poppy's Jokes

Paddy pulls up at a red light beside a gorgeous young woman, smiles at her and lowers his window.

The woman smiles back and also lowers her window.

"Ah," says Paddy, "so you farted… continued

Posted 12th Feb '13 15:28 in Global warming: a lot of hot air?

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