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Broadly Speaking is the original Norfolk Broads Forum. Having started life as Speakers Corner, the forum has seen people come and go, time has passed, but we are still here and the forum is getting a new lease of life!

Come and chat, discuss and even argue to your hearts content on the Original Norfolk Broads Forum.



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Maurice_Mynah joined the forum on the 25th o September 2005, and has posted 64 messages.

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Posted 3rd Apr '16 08:45 in The BIG Notional Park Lie

Oh no Mardler, not dead just sleeping.

I often feel that this forum should be woken up a bit and used for the more political discussions that get criticized elsewhere for being unfriendly and… continued

Posted 5th Nov '15 10:47 in Broads boat vs Sea boat

Hi Nutngut (Mike), and welcome to this, a rather quiet forum.
I agree that basically if it floats and the conditions are right you can take it anywhere, but I suppose what I was looking for was some… continued

Posted 28th Jun '15 19:08 in Broads boat vs Sea boat

Thanks again Speleologist, my problem is that although you are answering my question, you're not answering the question I want to ask, or at least not the one I had in mind.

I can understand that… continued

Posted 27th Jun '15 09:03 in Broads boat vs Sea boat

Thank you for that, and yes I tend to agree that the vast majority of what we call "Broads cruisers " would be CatD

What I am trying to find out is if there are specifications that define the… continued

Posted 21st Jun '15 12:49 in Broads boat vs Sea boat

This turned into a contentious matter on one of the other forums a while back (just over a year ago) for no really good reason, yet there were important issues to be discussed.

One group of people… continued
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