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SailingSloth joined the forum on the 26th o September 2005, and has posted 143 messages.

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Posted 22nd Mar '15 21:00 in Ok, so what is REALLY happening?

M_M I hope your final question remains hypothetical ad infinitum. I don't believe it has happened yet, nor do I believe that the several blockaded tidal waters have ceased to qualify as navigable.… continued

Posted 15th Mar '15 20:33 in Ok, so what is REALLY happening?

I believe so, although there may well be soundings available that show odd bits that don't need immediate attention.

Trouble is that if the system were to be dredged from the bridge down river to… continued

Posted 6th Mar '15 20:24 in Ok, so what is REALLY happening?


I don't believe the bridge is sinking to any extent more than that which has caused it to tilt very slightly over centuries. There's a very small difference in clearance side-to-side which… continued

Posted 24th Feb '13 13:40 in Bump forum topics?

Two weeks of remaining unnoticed kinda proves my point, methinks!


Posted 10th Feb '13 12:07 in Bump forum topics?


In the All Forums menu page the most recently used forum might be bumped up the list to maintain visible topicality?

To demonstrate what might not be helping the site's… continued
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