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Richard Baguley

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Richard Baguley joined the forum on the 17th o September 2006, and has posted 271 messages.

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Posted 31st Oct '13 14:28 in BA NATIONAL PARK STATUS

This rolls on.

See item 6/4.4, page 12, here:-… continued

Posted 12th Jul '13 18:17 in More BA raids on tolls

The campaign against the toll raid has succeeded.

It seems that JP withdrew his recommendation and the chairman supported his move. The BA agreed unanimously that the costs should be paid out of… continued

Posted 9th Jul '13 13:44 in More BA raids on tolls

I was surprised to see Ally Mally's comments in Angela Awash. Seems he was not completely happy with the way things are run at Packman Towers.

I wonder if Alan will have anything to say about "his"… continued

Posted 8th Jul '13 20:50 in More BA raids on tolls

Bumped: read on.

Broads Authority Members' Meeting July 12 - Toll Raid No.2a

A while back, subsequent to the coalition government's National Park Grant (NPG) cut in its initial spending review,… continued

Posted 19th Feb '13 17:27 in Broads Society

I see from the Feb 2013 minutes that the BS is to set up a sub committee on climate change. Not one of the trustees knows anything about the subject (though at least one thinks he does) so that'll be… continued
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