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Broadly Speaking is the original Norfolk Broads Forum. Having started life as Speakers Corner, the forum has seen people come and go, time has passed, but we are still here and the forum is getting a new lease of life!

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Gruntfuttock joined the forum on the 28th o September 2006, and has posted 710 messages.

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Posted 9th Feb '15 18:07 in passenger boat

You would do well to collar this guy. Park him in a corner of the Nelson Head, feed him a pint or three and pick his brains.

Prepare yourself for some… continued

Posted 8th Feb '15 19:14 in The BIG Notional Park Lie

I've just witnessed a big grey bird delivering two bombshells for Blackbeard in one visit.

Bumble Bee, you're quite wrong on pretty much all you say.

My ranting doesn't stem from my natural… continued

Posted 8th Feb '15 18:31 in New Broads Lobby Group.

Oh poo, that's unfortunate.

Are you suggesting that the web domain registrant was using the website for commercial purposes?

If so, I would just point out that the registrant status is logged… continued

Posted 7th Feb '15 19:17 in New Broads Lobby Group.


Eighteen months on (I didn't say I could count) and this magnificent new action group's website link leads me to a blog station full of praise for the Bullsh1t Authority's actions relative to… continued

Posted 7th Feb '15 18:51 in The BIG Notional Park Lie

I'm posting this in the Generally Disgusting forum because 'bumping' doesn't work here and this needs to be at the top of the page. Read on and then ACT...

So where are you all now?

Sitting… continued
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