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Richard Williams

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Richard Williams joined the forum on the 30th o April 2007, and has posted 173 messages.

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Posted 10th Feb '12 00:11 in National Park Governance

They do not improve at all. Once again we see the executive manipulating the management of the Authority to suit their own narrow ends. It marks a further degradation in the values of public service.… continued

Posted 15th Sep '11 09:41 in National Park Governance

Thats good news then Richard. What does the Broads Authority Act say.. perhaps you will remind… continued

Posted 13th Sep '11 20:40 in National Park Governance

Responses to this consultation have been published.

The most active respondees were from the latest National Park - The New Forest.

The comment about the Broads is interesting but also further… continued

Posted 20th Mar '11 21:09 in Betrayed.

Are these payments tolls or a licence fee?
If they are tolls they are monies paid by waterway users for the use of the harbour.
HARBOURS ACT 1964 for which I can find no repeal

If the Broads… continued

Posted 26th Feb '11 08:48 in Betrayed.

I am not sure that listening to your debate would have done anything useful for Peter, especially not for his blood pressure. He was one of that group of tollpayers who have consistently… continued
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