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Broadly Speaking is the original Norfolk Broads Forum. Having started life as Speakers Corner, the forum has seen people come and go, time has passed, but we are still here and the forum is getting a new lease of life!

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Whitebeard joined the forum on the 24th o January 2008, and has posted 31 messages.

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Posted 22nd Feb '15 12:25 in Cronyism

I assume this means that the next BA Planning meeting this guy chairs ends in… continued

Posted 1st Jan '11 14:31 in Is Grey Beard 60 this year?

On this… continued

Posted 1st Jan '11 09:53 in A47 Dualling.... comments?

Whilst were on the subject of transport and the A47, don't forget the railway that runs alongside it. Odd bits that I don't understand. Brundall seems to justify two stations. Why not close (or stop… continued

Posted 1st Jan '11 09:13 in Is Grey Beard 60 this year?

I think this may be as good a time as any to consider Blackbeard's legacy but I'm not sure it's particularly outstanding. Certainly he has proved divisive and the manner the BA Private Bill was… continued

Posted 4th Aug '10 20:50 in Britain's Magical Watershed

Who explained oxymorons to Peter… continued
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